GTA 6: Could Actor From GTA 5 Also Be In The New Game? Ned Luke Weighs In


Actor Ned Luke, who played Michael in GTA V, recently appeared on Larry Lawton's YouTube show, and the interview began with a bang. Lawton introduced Luke as "Michael from Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto VI." This would be a pretty big reveal, as so far, there have been zero actors or characters confirmed for GTA VI so far beyond Lucia.

The camera then cuts back to Luke, who is sporting an extremely shocked face. Luke attempts to clarify the situation, saying, "I'm not in... we don't... GTA 6 is unknown things right now. Just to make that clear."

Luke went on to say that Lawton, a former real-life jewel thief who spent time in prison and is now a motivational speaker, "had a senior moment."

Later in the interview, Luke expanded on his involvement or lack thereof in GTA VI, leaving the door open for it being a possibility. "Who knows if I even am in it, or not? Historically, you would say no, because they never re-use the protagonists," he said. "I still have the NDA that I'm under. So even if knew anything I couldn't say anything. I'd have to kill you."

Luke played Michael De Santa in GTA V. He was one of three playable protagonists, with Steven Ogg portraying Trevor and Shawn Fonteno playing Franklin.

It would be an interesting development indeed if Michael, Trevor, or Franklin appeared in GTA VI. GTA V, after all, had three endings, one of which culminated with Michael's death. Another ending saw all three survive. Fans believe this may be the canon ending, but Rockstar has never confirmed this.

Another possibility is that Luke could play a different character in GTA VI, if he is indeed in the game. But he might not be. We'll have to wait until Rockstar provides more details on GTA VI's story. For now, all we know is the narrative follows a character named Lucia and another person, who may be romantically involved with Lucia. They both seem to like robbing people, which tracks with the rumor that GTA VI may focus on heists.

GTA VI is launching in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A PC release could come later but it's not confirmed.

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