Expand Your Xbox Series X|S Storage For Less With This WD Black Deal


You can run out of space on your Xbox Series X|S surprisingly fast. The Series X has 802GB of usable space, while the Series S clocks in at 364GB. Modern AAA games eat up space quickly, and if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, deleting games to make room for new ones can become the norm. Fortunately, there's a plug-and-play solution to expand your Xbox's storage space. Over at Best Buy and Amazon, you can grab the Western Digital Black C50 1TB Expansion Card at a discount.

WD Black Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S consoles.
  • WD Black 1TB Expansion Card (Best Buy) -- $130 ($150)
  • WD Black 1TB Expansion Card (Amazon) -- $140 ($150)

Best Buy is offering the memory card for $130 (these are normally $150), while Amazon is slightly more expensive at $140. As mentioned above, these expansion cards work simply by inserting them into a dedicated slot on your Xbox console, as they'll instantly upgrade the machine with extra storage capacity. Best Buy's deal is very close to the price we saw during Black Friday ($125).

Thanks to the Xbox Velocity proprietary technology, there's no loss of data transfer speed either as you'll still enjoy really fast loading times on your games and the Quick Resume function to switch between them in mere seconds.

Another plus for the WD Black brand of expansion cards is the external design, as the industrial aesthetic looks pretty slick. For related deals, you can get a month of Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate for only $8, big discounts on a range of Xbox wireless controllers, and an Xbox Series X with an extra controller for $400 right now. Alternatively, you can grab the Xbox Series X by itself for $349 at Amazon.

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