Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis for Kiawe- Prosopis Pallida

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Aloha, below is a print out of the nutritional analysis of kiawe pods printed here with permission from the authors. Kiawe co-evolved with mega fauna. Kiawe was brought to Hawaii by Father Bachalot. All animals, including humans can eat ground kiawe meal. The meal or flour is a whole pod product and will contain ground seeds and fruit pulp. Generally, no anti-nutrients or feeding deterrents are known from kiawe. It has been used as human animal food for thousands of years.

*Chemical Composition of Prosopis Pallida Fruit Pulp
Components g/100g of Dry Matter
Sucrose 46.35
Total dietary fiber 32.22
Insoluble 30.60
Soluble 1.62
Protein 8.11
Reducing sugars 2.14
Pectin 0.80
Fat 0.77
Total soluble polyphenols 0.82

Minerals: mg/100g of Dry Matter
Potassium 2,650
Sodium 113
Calcium 75.9
Magnesium 90.4
Iron 33.0

Vitamins: mg/kg of original matter
A not detected
E 5.00
B1 1.90
B2 0.60
B6 2.35
Nicotinic acid 31.00
C 60.00
Folic acid 0.18
Calcium pantothenate 10.50

Amino Acid Composition of Prosopis Pallida Cotyledon
Amino Acid g/100g of original matter
Aspartic acid 4.980
Threonine 1.626
Serine 3.103
Glutamic acid 11.842
Proline 3.297
Glycine 2.594
Alanine 2.465
Cysteine 1.686
Valine 2.317
Methionine 0.404
Isoleucine 1.742
Leucine 4.632
Tyrosine 0.945
Phenylalanine 2.390
Lysine 2.314
Histidine 1.633
Arginine 9.842
Total 57.812

Total fat content of Prosopis Pallida cotyledons = 7%
Linoleic acid (39%)
Oleic acid (29%)
Palmitic acid (13%)
Stearic acid (10%)

Vitamin Contents in Prosopis Pallida Seeds
Vitamin mg/kg of original matter
A N/detected
E 47.00
B1 7.30
B2 0.60
B6 0.64
Nicotinic acid 15.00
C 210.00
Folic acid 0.69
Calcium pantothenate 17.10

*Table from Grados and Cruz 1998.