Power Bar: Wai‘anae Gold ‘Aina Bars

This is a no cook power/energy, diabetic friendly food. No ingredient requires refrigeration, and the unrefrigerated finished bars have been eaten 8months later. 2-3 oz. of `Aina Bars will keep you from being hungry for a few hours. Where nut butter was not allowed, we have used mashed kalo and ulu. Bet they would be good with either fresh hand pounded pa`ia`ai or poi…. gotta try that soon. . . could be epic!


By weight:

2 parts Kiawe Flour (120 g)

2 parts nut butter (110-120 g)

1 part raw unheated honey (60-65 g)

pa‘akai (sea salt) 2 pinches- to taste.

By volume: 1 cup Kiawe Flour, 1/2 cup nut butter, 1/4 cup raw unheated honey + pa‘akai (sea salt) to taste.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mash with fork until no dry flour left, then gather by hand and press firmly into one lump.  If it is too dry add a few sprinkles of water (1/2 a bottle cap) to get the necessary texture to hold together. Then knead/fold until just mixed- maybe 8-10x. Can add chocolate chips, dried fruit, shredded niu…. Roll out in cookie sheet, or press into a plate or make a log and cut it up– ‘onololoaa!

For a fun `Aina Bar tutorial with Rep. Andria Tupola click the link below!


We believe this is one of the best ways to eat kiawe as it follows the practice of the Wichi people of northern Argentina who eat the flour raw and who generously shared some of their original recipes with us in 2012. See the Wichi page for that adventure! :]


We have a special offer 4 businesses who would like to produce `Aina Bars. PLz contact us @ 808 478-6492 or email: aipohaku@hotmail.com

He ali`i ka `aina. He kauwa ke kanaka. The land is chief, people its servant.