Kiawe Banana Pancakes – Yum!

Take a standard pancake recipe and replace 1/3 of the flour with Wai`anae Gold Kiawe Bean Pod Flour. Add sliced bananas into the batter – apple bananas are the best! Add plenty of bananas and u wont need to sweeten ur pancakes.

Basic pancake recipes call for approximately the following ratio of ingredients.
1 cup flour to
2 tsp baking powder to
1 egg to
1/2 tsp salt to
1 cup milk/water to
1 tbsp vegetable oil/butter (we like coconut oil)

Just this morning in the Yokoo household (Hokkaido, Japan) I made a batch. I didn’t remember to put any oil in the batter. I just eyeballed all the ingredients and the batter came out so thick it wouldn’t pour :] but the pancakes were delicious- oishii kata desu!

Mix dry ingredients then add the wet ones and just mix them together- lumpy is ok. Don’t over mix.
Let the batter sit for 5+ minutes and spoon/pour into a greased pan/griddle.
When the pancakes bubble flip them. Yum!
They’re great w butter and raw honey, and w peanut butter too. And they taste good plain!