milling_chacoCome learn with us, come pick beans, make flour, come make food and drink. Come join us, we are ‘Ai Pohaku – The Stone Eaters.

Suggestions for use

Start with a 1/3 kiawe flour to 2/3 other flour in baked goods. Kiawe flour is sweet so reduce other sweeteners. It browns and burns faster, and seems to absorb a little less liquid. We use it in oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, cookies, cakes, energy bars, mochi, flat bread, roti, pretzels, bread pudding, polenta, breaded fish, chicken, meat, etc.


We freely share our recipes and we ask you to share any that you come up with. It is vitally important at this time in the development of Kiawe as food to help and inspire all of us to make food with it. Folks are always asking, ” what do I do with the flour- what can I make?” Please please support this movement by sharing your favorite recipes. Email them to us and we will gladly post them on the website and give you credit! Mahalo Nui in advance!