Milling Kiawe Into Flour

Milling Kiawe Bean Pods Into Flour

Blenders, coffee grinders and meat grinders have been used to grind pods into flour, but the process is slow. A vitamix works well. Break crispy pods into 1″ pieces and blend/grind in very small batches. Sift to remove the chaff and seeds. Too large pieces, too many, too much heat and/or not crispy enough will cause your machine to gum up and the flour to caramelize. Also u must mill in the least humid conditions possible. An air conditioned room is the best.

We use a hammer mill designed and fabricated in Argentina especially for kiawe.

Got a motivated group of people- `ohana, church, club, organization, etc who r hot to gather, dry and make kiawe pod flour 4 home use? We make u this generous offer: send one or two people to visit us and experience with us gathering, drying and milling. Then go back to ur group, gather lots and lots of bean pods, use what materials u have available to dry them, pack the dried pods securely and call us. We will have u send us a sample of ur dried pods. If they r dry enough to mill and u have gathered, washed and dried to our standards. Then we will bring our mill to your community, mill with u and split the flour. PLz call us @ 808 478-6492 for more info.



4 comments on “Milling Kiawe Into Flour
  1. George Kahumoku Flores says:

    Aloha e Vince Dodge,
    Just wondering if you have a crew that reaps the gold and if can join? Need work here where not much have. I’m the classmate of Wahine ‘ai pohaku that grad with here at LCC and bought one chocolate at the farmer’s market. Ph 372 3682 stay at Waianae Homestead.

    • Vince Dodge says:

      E Aloha George,
      Good to hear from u.
      Would love to have u join the bean picking team!
      Give me a call, text or email in late May for an update on the beans.
      aloha nui!

  2. Liko Wallace says:

    Aloha Vince, My mother and I met you at Down to Earth Pearl City in September. We are from Molokai and are with the Mom’s Hui. Anyway, I just wanted to check with you as to what time of the year it would be good to make arrangements to come and spend time learning about this fantastic product. Also, how long would we need to be there? I look forward to your response so we can plan our trip for next year.
    Mahalo, Liko

    • Vince Dodge says:

      Aloha e Liko!
      Just saw ur msg. Tomoko and I remember u and ur mom!
      Best time to come over is when the beans start falling heavily. Guessing that will be by the beginning of June. U can call me in late May @ 808 4786492 and get an update. Come for a few days. That way u can join us for gathering, sorting, washing and drying. And if u want, for milling too. We mill when we have 2-400 lbs of dried bean pods. Could produce that in 2 weeks or less.
      aloha nui!

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